24 Month Warranty

24 Month Warranty

Ralph Jacobs service and warranty is what separates us from the rest. JEWELLERY WARRANTY ON NEW PURCHASES Ralph Jacobs provides a 24 month warranty on all your purchases from Ralph Jacobs.
  1. Free Lifetime Cleaning and Polishing
  2. Free Lifetime Inspection
  3. Free Lost Stone Replacement on Mounting no greater than 0.015 ct (1.5mm)
For a  Warranty to be active, the purchase must be sent for cleaning and inspection every six months.

To process your warranty, please complete the requested form below or email us at warranty@ralphjacobs.co.za stating your full name, order number and a reason for warranty. Once we’ve received your request a Ralph Jacobs consultant will be in contact with you to process your request.

Warranty Exclusion

  1. Any damage to jewellery caused by neglect, abuse or natural wear and tear. Damage, such as being hit or knocked, is easily detectable under magnification. For example, if a ring wears thin or prongs wear out due to neglect or natural wear and tear. Additionally, if a ring becomes out of round and thus causes stones to fall out, this could be due to damage to the bottom of the ring when being worn. The warranty is considered null and void.
  2. If another jeweller performs any repair work on an item purchased the warranty is considered null and void.
  3. The loss of a center stone. Center stone loss may be covered under your Insurance policy. Please contact your insurance company for more information regarding your insurance policy limits and requirements.
  4. Damage to your center stone. While diamond is the hardest mineral on earth,it is still subject to breaking or chipping. All other stones that are lower on the hardness scale are subject to damage from regular wear.
  5. In the event a gemstone is lost from your jewelry due to normal wear and tear, we will replace that stone as long as your warranty is valid showing a cleaning and inspection record in the last six months. This includes smaller, accent gemstones.
  6. Our warranty does not cover loss or damage to any center gemstone greater than 0.015ct or 1.5mm.
  7. The warranty does not cover Rhodium plating or any other plating, as plating does wear off due to natural wear.
  8. The warranty does not cover shipping and insurance cost associated with delivery or collection. 
  9. The warranty does not entitle a replacement or refund of goods.
  10. The warranty is considered null and void on date of expiration. 24 Months from date of purchased. 

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